Resting on a Hill Waiting For a Sunny Day




Cool Gardens 

Winnipeg, Canada

January 2016


Stefanos Ziras

Eleni Papadimitriou



“Resting on a hill waiting for a sunny day” intends to give the local community a fun and playful leisure place, reminiscent of those summer days spent laying on the ground under the shade of a tree with the cool summer breeze. It is an ode to idleness and the simple pleasures of life. The industrial past of the area dictates the use of simple materials like the ones already found on site, used in an elegant and efficient way. Gravel, wood, fabrics and plants are used to redefine the landscape. Plain forms are enriched by vibrant colours, small “islands” emerging from the ground and pots with aromatic plants while the wind gently rotates the shading devices giving motion to the fabric. Everyone is  invited to rest on the hills, lay down and stare at the sky, read a book or draw the curtain to take a nap.