Local History Room


AKA Artist Run

Saskatoon, 2015


Billboard September and October, 2015

Stefanos Ziras, Eleni Papadimitriou, Derek Liddington


Together Liddington, Papadimitriou & Ziras practices connect through the idea of the ‘monument’.  Through his early research into his upcoming exhibition at AKA, It wasn’t until we closed our eyes that we could finally see what was there all along, Liddington sourced an early image from the Saskatoon Public Library of a protest against a public monument and incorporated this local history into his considerations of the meaning behind representation and the ambiguous nature of memory.


Papadimitriou & Ziras’ images are looking to ‘connect’ and manipulate objects to create a new visual memory through the photograph (public) as well as a personal memory (private). Similarly, Liddington identifies a similarity in photos of a sculpture of his son created through memory. Together the artists explore personal memory and shared memory within a public space that is foreign to each of them.

The objects depicted in Papadimitriou & Ziras’ images are part of a national narrative, not of the official, established construct, but items of a collective memory. They constitute monuments of everyday encounters, souvenirs of the state of things. The relation of the body and objects is seen through an ambiguous close up image, a detail of the two, in an effort to remove any mnemonic familiarity of the viewer towards the nature of the object or the topography of the body. The close up records untraceable parts merely agents of a now personal memory.

In combination we see images depicting a sculpture Liddington created of his son from memory.  The staid clay stands in what seems to be a contrast with images of the fleshy body, but in its subject matter reveals a similar personal, private and potentially vulnerable state.  Papadimitriou & Ziras’ depictions of the body come under pressure – it ripples, twists, folds, stretches, connecting it to the malleable visual nature of clay in Liddington’s work.

Flesh, Marble, Leaf & Twig is on view at 8eleven August 12 to September 1 and features the work of Derek Liddington, Eleni Papadimitriou & Stefanos Ziras.  The publication Flesh, Marble, Leaf & Twig details the exhibition Open Archive:  Art from the Centre of Athens, commissioned by ISET, Contemporary Greek Art Institute also featuring an intervention by Derek Liddington is printed to order by 8eleven.

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